March 23 2020 event cancelled: Investigate a proposal for Illinois’ fiscal recovery

“Eternal Indian” at Oregon, IL, prior to rehabilitation. Image credit: Charles Carper (CC BY 2.0)

Adam Schuster March 23 2020 presentation has been cancelled.

Illinois Forward: A 5-year plan for balanced budgets, declining debt and tax relief

Adam Schuster suggests that raising taxes won’t cure the distress of our state and local governments. He presents a fair alternative.

In his new Illinois Forward report, the Illinois Policy Institute’s Adam Schuster finds that “The state’s fiscal crisis has been built during nearly two decades of spending more than it brings in, driven primarily by unsustainable and rising costs for public sector pensions. As a result, Illinois’ overall financial health is perhaps the worst in the nation.

“Fortunately, Illinois can still be brought back from the brink if elected leaders get serious about bipartisan spending reforms that have seen success in other states. The three commonsense proposals in this report show how.

“Illinoisans deserve a state government that respects their wallets and provides them with valuable services. Unsustainable pension costs and ever-rising tax burdens deprive them of both.”

The full report is available here. Following his presentation, Mr. Schuster will respond to questions and comments from attendees. Note that the report was not produced by and is not endorsed by the Henry George School. The School sponsors this event to encourage thoughtful discussion of public finance issues.

This presentation will be rescheduled for a later time.