Starting in January: Progress & Poverty, Applied Economics, more

image credit: Brian D. Luster CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Introducing Progress & Poverty, a single session providing an overview of Henry George’s most important ideas and how they apply here and now, will be presented twice in January, on Thursdays January 9 and January 16.  The first session will be done by veteran HGS instructor George Menninger, and the second by instructor Chuck Metalitz. Both sessions are free, but building management requires that you pre-register, which can be done thru Eventbrite for January 9 and January 16.   Both sessions are at 333 S Wabash, and start at 6:15PM.  If you’re intruigued, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for our full Progress & Poverty course which begins January 23.

For those who’ve already taken Progress & Poverty with us or another Henry George School, or the equivalent course at the Henry George Institute or elsewhere, we also offer the advanced Applied Economics: International Trade course.