Henry George School
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Sept 1 Sunday 3PM Almost* Henry George’s Birthday Party

August 24, 2013

image courtesy of Denver Public Library

image courtesy of Denver Public Library

Our annual end-of-summer gathering to celebrate the year and look forward to another.  Share ideas and thoughts picked up (or dropped off) at the CGO conference.  Discuss plans for the fall term and beyond.  Watch some Georgist videos.  Enjoy whatever food our potluck has brought, along with suitable drinks in a relaxed atmosphere in heavily-taxed Evanston.  We gather from about 3 PM and tend to leave by dark.

If you’d like to attend, contact Sue Walton no later than Friday (Aug 30) at 847 475 0391.  Everyone is asked to bring some food and contribute $5 (Sue will advise on what is needed), new graduates excepted.

*(HG’s 174th birthday is Sept 2, 2013).

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"The history of mankind everywhere shows the power that special interests, capable of organization and action, may exert in securing the acceptance of the most monstrous doctrines."
- Henry George