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Wed Sep 11 6PM PEBC discusses “The Life of Henry George”

August 25, 2013

from Wikimedia

from Wikimedia

The Political Economy Book Club takes up Henry George, Jr‘s biography of his father. Junior was a skilled writer and professional journalist, important in the single tax movement, and a political activist who served two terms in the U S House of Representatives.  The book is available at some public and university libraries and used copies can be inexpensive.  Free downloads of the text are available here and here.

The September discussion (at 30 E Adams #1207) will cover the first part (“Formation of the Character”) of the book. The event is free, though donations to help pay the rent are appreciated.  PEBC convenor Bob Matter would appreciate an RSVP by email or phone (312 450 2906) if you hope to attend, and can answer any questions.

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"It is not kings nor aristocracies, nor landowners nor capitalists, that anywhere really enslave the people. It is their own ignorance."
- Henry George