How you can join the 1% in 2016

We guess that less than 1% of people understand the main cause of poverty, which remedies might work and which can’t, and why. Our mission is to increase that number, and we’d like to welcome you to the group. The basic Progress & Poverty course provides the information you need.  This term we’ll have a […]

Summer: Some classes and our annual picnic

As customary, our summer term features a reduced class schedule, a tour and a couple of presentations, with the traditional Henry George Day celebration on Labor Day.  Some of us will be attending the Council of Georgist Organizations conference in Michigan August 4-9. Our Progress & Poverty course begins August 18, with The Other Law […]

Staffing changes

With the scheduled retirement of longtime Administrative Director (and longer-time active Georgist) Bob Jene, the HGS Board last night (May 20) accepted the joint proposal from Sue Walton and Edward Miller to staff the School.  Edward will take the title of “Administrative Director,” serve as on-site staff at our office/classroom, focusing on publicity, events, classes, […]

Spring term at the Henry George School

Our spring term schedule features two introductory courses and two advanced courses, walking tour, bicycle tour, movies, book discussions, and presentations on relevant public issues.  Sure, you’ll need to figure “your” income tax, but take some time to learn how the economy works and how it could work better for everyone.  Classes are here, and […]

Another way to explain how we’re being robbed

For a time, HGS instructor George Menninger did a presentation entitled something like “How I Made $1,000,000 in Chicago Real Estate: I $tole it from You!”  George explained that he gained, actually, over a million dollars, simply by buying and holding an old apartment building in a gentrifying neighborhood. Over the years, rents on the […]

One Hour Henry George highlights our winter program

Our Winter 2015 course and event schedule has been issued, and is being posted bit by bit to this site (see the “events” tab above, or for the complete schedule in hardcopy phone 312 450 2906).  Progress & Poverty courses will start January 6 and 8, and again on February 13.  There is also an […]

Progress & Poverty, movies, book discussion, and a robbery tour

Yes, we remain confident that what you can learn at the Henry George School provides an essential perspective, available in only a few places, on how the world works, why things usually go wrong despite (sometimes) good intentions, and a proposal by (but not entirely original to) a brilliant American philosopher and economist to solve […]