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Every month, second Tuesday

January 31, 2017

Join us for an open introductory discussion about wealth, poverty, justice, and community, the second Tuesday of every month.  Our initial time and location will be  6:15PM, at the Overflow Coffee Bar, 1550 S. State. The first topic, February 14, will be No Wall, No Privilege: How True Free Trade Can Raise American Wages and End Poverty. Subsequent programs (subject to change) will cover:

March 14: America’s #1 Problem: Low Wages.

April 11: How the Personal Income Tax Differs from Slavery. Introducing Progress & Poverty

May 9: Introducing Progress & Poverty Illinois is not Broke

June 13: to be announced

July 11: to be announced

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"No theory is too false, no fable too absurd, no superstition too degrading for acceptance when it has become embedded in common belief."
- Henry George