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Coming down to earth by moving into the cloud

November 12, 2016

Based in the cloud but active on the ground. Image credit: Mr. Shane Lear

Based in the cloud but active on the ground. Image credit: Mr. Shane Lear

Having lost our space at 30 E Adams, we spent the summer looking around for a new location.  It was a big distraction from our main mission of education, but had to be done.  HGS VP Scott Walton suggested that, rather than enriching another landlord, perhaps we should try a virtual operation, “in the cloud” if you will.  This doesn’t mean going on-line, tho we may do some of that.  Rather, we will operate without a dedicated office/classroom space, instead borrowing or renting locations as needed.  Not only can this save money, but it allows us to more easily offer classes and events in various neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, this required that the Sam Venturella Memorial Library be moved, at least temporarily, to a private location.  Also, several cabinets of archival paper files have been relocated separately.  In both cases, HGS volunteer Board members secured space at no cost to the School.

Our postal address has changed, but the phone and email remain the same, all as shown on the contacts page. As always, our coming events are listed on the events page.


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