Funding opportunity from the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

Image courtesy LVTFan

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation is accepting applications for “original research that carries the ideas of 19th century economist and social reformer Henry George into the 21st century and beyond.”  Their current areas of interest include:

  • The relationship between infrastructure spending and economic rents, including estimates and suitability of future economic rents as a source of funding for infrastructure spending;
  • Gentrification and displacement as influenced or mitigated by property taxes (effects of land value or split-rate taxation are of particular interest);
  • The impact of climate change on land value and government finances based on property and land value.

Maximum funding amount is $10,000 (plus you get the prestige of having received foundation funding), and the application deadline for the current round is December 17 2021.  More information is on their site.