Orwellian economics, Henry George Day, New P&P, and Illinois still is not broke

All graduates of any HGS course are cordially invited to our Henry George Day celebration in Evanston on September 4.  More information and RSVP here.

Distinguished philosopher and community organizer Dan Sullivan will help us see how economic terminology has been hijacked and distorted on Wednesday, September 13 at Overflow.  More info and RSVP for his talk on Orwellian Economics is here.

Because nobody in Springfield seems concerned about collecting the state’s earnings, an update of Illinois is not Broke will be provided next month also, but time and date are not finalized.

We have a new edition of Progress & Poverty, courtesy of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation. It’s annotated, which means that in addition to HG’s original footnotes it has lots of explanations and elaborations of George’s historical and philosophical references.  The entire text has been re-set, and now requires only 488 pages (including three prefaces, two introductions, and contributor bios) compared to 600 pages in the 1971 edition. Also it has a new index.  The original book and chapter numbers are retained. The 2017 edition is available for $65 (sale price) from Schalkenbach. It can also be obtained at higher prices, in hardcopy and DRM versions, from Barnes & Noble  and Amazon.

And there will be a Progress & Poverty course starting in October, with another in January.  Stay tuned.