Segregation in Chicago: What does it cost us and what can be done to change it?

Race & Ethnicity in Chicagoland 2010, from Wikipedia

“Segregation is not only an issue in low-income communities or communities of color. Everyone pays a price, measured in lost income, lives and education.” Alden Loury, Director of Research and Education for the Metropolitan Planning Council, will present some findings from the Costs of Segregation study which he’s been conducting along with the Urban Institute. Having found that “segregation holds back the entire Chicago region’s economy and potential, costing all of us,” the project is now moving on to recommend solutions.

Join us on July 11 to learn more about how this work was done, what solutions might be recommended, and how it relates to our study of political economy. We’ll meet at 6:15 at Overflow, 1550 S. State.  Of course the event is free.