Henry George Day is September 2; Introducing Progress and Poverty September 17

We’re told that the economy has recovered and prosperity reigns. It may be easier to find work, but getting a decent wage that pays for housing, health care, and other necessities of life is as tough as ever for many. The problem isn’t new, and the cause isn’t difficult to find. Nor is the remedy […]

Orwellian economics, Henry George Day, New P&P, and Illinois still is not broke

All graduates of any HGS course are cordially invited to our Henry George Day celebration in Evanston on September 4.  More information and RSVP here. Distinguished philosopher and community organizer Dan Sullivan will help us see how economic terminology has been hijacked and distorted on Wednesday, September 13 at Overflow.  More info and RSVP for […]

Celebrate Henry George Day with us on Sept 5, new mailing list, and HGS at NCSL

We still don’t now where the School is moving (expect classes to be in several locations), but that doesn’t keep us from progressing with smart revenue ideas, our traditional Henry George Day observance, and a much improved mailing list. ITEM 1: Henry George Day. As is our custom, we celebrate the first Monday in September […]