Classes start THIS week

Our basic introductory Progress & Poverty course starts Monday (classic version) or Thursday (modern version). Poverty, Liberation, & Land Reform starts Friday. Our advanced course Corruption of Economics/History of Capital (requires prior completion of Progress & Poverty) starts Tuesday.

There will also be a Wednesday Progress & Poverty class starting the following week, October 12, and another Thursday section in November.

All of the above classes start at 6 PM, and are held at our main location, 28 E. Jackson. For more information, or to pre-register, click the “courses” tab and its subtabs on the left. Or, if you have questions, email or phone 312/362-9302.

The American Monetary Act

Monday, September 26, 6 PM at 28 E Jackson #1004.  Price: FREE.

Even Henry George recognized that a just and prosperous economy requires a proper system of money.  The American Monetary Institute has proposed the American Monetary Act (pdf) to address this issue. Bob Jene will examine this proposed Constitutional Amendment, and compare it with Henry George’s ideas on money, as documented in a talk on the subject by AMI President Steve Zarlenga.

For those interested in further discussion on the subject, it is still possible to register for AMI’s Monetary Reform Conference, in Chicago, Sept 29-Oct 2.

High Cost of Government Revenue

Income Tax Dancing School
photo credit: Jaygoldman via Flickr (cc)

This Power Point® presentation looks at the cost of collecting the income tax.  IRS overhead itself represents the direct cost to the government of generating this revenue. Beside that there is the burden put on the taxpayer in filling out his return, the cost of preparers, the cost of representation in case of audit and the dead weight on the economy.  The sum of all these costs represents a sizeable protio of the revenue collected.  There has to be a better way. Presenter Bob Jene will point one out.

This free presentation starts at 6:00 PM Tuesday, March 13, at 28 E. Jackson #1004.