If you’re rich, you probably stole it from us

Progress & Poverty, the basic introduction you need to understand where  Occupy* can lead us, starts this Wednesday, October 12, 6 PM at 28 E. Jackson.  As always, the first session is free, more info is here. Because the instructor for this section is Chicago real estate speculator George Menninger, the first session will be […]

Robin Hood: The Movie

To be precise, Ridley Scott’s 2010 version (not the topiary version shown here).  Other than Robinson Crusoe, whose film we watched in August, is there any fictional/historical character who shows up more often in discussions of political/economic issues than Robin Hood? Curious Georgists go to this movie this afternoon (Saturday) 2 PM free, details.

What is Liberty?

PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF Do you know what these words mean? Do you know their economic significance? You will know, if you take John Kuchta’s Poverty, Liberation, and Land Reform course, which starts at 6 PM today (Friday).  It meets every Friday (except November 25).  You can pre-register […]

Classes start THIS week

Our basic introductory Progress & Poverty course starts Monday (classic version) or Thursday (modern version). Poverty, Liberation, & Land Reform starts Friday. Our advanced course Corruption of Economics/History of Capital (requires prior completion of Progress & Poverty) starts Tuesday. There will also be a Wednesday Progress & Poverty class starting the following week, October 12, […]

The American Monetary Act

Monday, September 26, 6 PM at 28 E Jackson #1004.  Price: FREE. Even Henry George recognized that a just and prosperous economy requires a proper system of money.  The American Monetary Institute has proposed the American Monetary Act (pdf) to address this issue. Bob Jene will examine this proposed Constitutional Amendment, and compare it with […]