Poverty will end when people think

[The following, originally posted in December, 2011, remains relevant and has received minor edits.] The mission of the Henry George School is to make available to everyone an education in political economy and social philosophy, based primarily on the works of Henry George. Anyone who understands George’s ideas knows the cause of poverty, and knows […]

False Choices: Why a sound plan for economic recovery would not raise taxes, not cut government services, and not increase debt

“Responsible” politicians and pundits say that we face a tradeoff among higher taxes, reduced government services, and more public debt, lest current trends lead to ruinous inflation resulting in all three.  Those aren’t the only choices, and certainly not the best ones, asserts HGS instructor Chuck Metalitz.  Raising taxes on production leads economies to a […]

No Farms, No Food

Urban sprawl threatens to destroy much valuable farm land.  We will look at data from one of the leading national organizations trying to mitigate this damage, The American Farmland Trust (AFT). Among other things they buy development rights from farmland owners to ensure the land’s continued use in agriculture, and facilitate community supported agriculture, which […]

Yes, you can still learn fundamentals of political economy this year

We have one more section of Progress & Poverty, Thursdays beginning November 17 (except Thanksgiving). See the schedule here and course description here. More sections will be offered in 2012, of course. Another option is on-line instruction thru the Henry George Institute. HGI assigns an individual instructor for each student, and some of these instructors […]