One Hour Henry George highlights our winter program

Our Winter 2015 course and event schedule has been issued, and is being posted bit by bit to this site (see the “events” tab above, or for the complete schedule in hardcopy phone 312 450 2906).  Progress & Poverty courses will start January 6 and 8, and again on February 13.  There is also an […]

Progress & Poverty, movies, book discussion, and a robbery tour

Yes, we remain confident that what you can learn at the Henry George School provides an essential perspective, available in only a few places, on how the world works, why things usually go wrong despite (sometimes) good intentions, and a proposal by (but not entirely original to) a brilliant American philosopher and economist to solve […]

Opportunities this fall to improve your understanding of how the economy works

All our courses this fall (see the schedule) are open to every adult who wants to gain a better understanding of the principles underlying our economy.  We sometimes call it “education for freedom,” because slaves don’t need to know this stuff. The flagship Progress and Poverty course will be available in two sections, one on […]

July at HGS: Beginning course, advanced courses, and a movie

Upon returning from our North American conference around July 12, we’ll be staying inside for classes and a movie during the rest of this month.  Progress & Poverty, which is open to everyone interested, begins afternoon classes Wednesday, July 16.  If you’ve already completed this course (with us or elsewhere), you can choose advanced courses […]

Winter Term Classes and Events

Why, really, is the economy sluggish, job opportunities few, labor force stagnant, yet the stock market makes new highs?  What is it the 1% (or maybe 2%, or ¼%) have that impoverishes the rest of us? It may not be obvious, and certainly isn’t anything that professional politicians like to talk about, and even knowledgeable […]

Nov 11 Mon 6PM Progress & Poverty course begins

Our final Progress & Poverty course for calendar year 2013 begins Monday November 11 at 6PM.  This is the six-session class that uses Bob Drake’s modernized abridgement of Henry George’s original text.  Instructor Bob Jene brings long experience and deep knowledge of political economy to his work, and will help you  understand the fundamental problems […]

Wed Oct 2 2:30PM Progress & Poverty course begins

Progress & Poverty is our fundamental course, in which you will learn the causes of persistent poverty and have the opportunity to evaluate a proposed remedy. The section starting Wed Oct 2 is the “modernized” version, and the course is completed in six Wednesday afternoon sessions.  Optional pre-registration form is here. There is a $25 […]